XEROX case study


Client: Xerox
Services: Manage and Close

Going above and beyond to find $1.3m lost revenue

What was the situation?

Xerox leads in document management technologies and services on a global level. We help support their Sales and Marketing teams to identify, attract, profile, and progress complex revenue opportunities, working in unison to help them achieve their revenue goals.

Xerox had an opening with a large County Council to secure their Managed Print Services contract, which through relationship building and dialogue we’d discovered was in real jeopardy following a succession of decisions-makers leaving the council and procurement processes stalling.

What did we do?

We believe every bit of revenue is important, and don’t rest until we’ve found it, and delivered it. We began the process of piecing together the deal history, the current context, who was still involved and how we could re-ignite the deal. This even included tracking down and getting in touch with the previous IT Project Manager who had since moved to another company, but who was still working closely with the council.

Through a concerted effort and mix of sophisticated relationship building skills, tenacity, belief and insight we managed to connect the pieces together, re-start the process and place Xerox in prime position.

What was the outcome?

The deal was signed and closed in the following three months for $1.3m. Furthermore, a new opportunity was also created for Xerox through the former IT Project Manager at their new company, resulting in a closed and signed deal for $250,000.


“Xerox has worked successfully with Clarify in the Public Sector for a number of years and they continue to be a very important part of our overall sales mix. The Xerox win in this Council is a great example of this partnership, with Clarify making initial senior customer stakeholder contact and establishing their needs and specific print and document requirements, prior to the RFP process. Clarify paid a key role with the Xerox account team in winning this flagship account”

Alexis Rufus, General Manager, Xerox Public Sector


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