UNIT4 case study


Client: Unit4
Services: Pipeline Acceleration, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development

Helping in new areas to achieve client goals

What was the situation?

Unit4 designs and delivers enterprise software and ERP applications for people in services organisations, helping them to unlock the potential of their people.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, and with offices in 26 countries, they engaged with Clarify to help drive high-value new pipeline within Europe, adding to their revenue coverage to ensure greater chance of deals closing within the year.

What did we do?

After working closely with the Unit4 team, we established the best returns could be found by re-igniting relationships that had previously been started by Unit4, but that had dropped away. To make it happen, we implemented our Pipeline Acceleration plan, using intelligence-led highly targeted engagement tactics across multiple channels to increase traction and momentum. These were then cultivated and nurtured on a one-to-one basis, getting them back to the point of commercial interest and engagement.

What was the outcome?

Our approach and activity over-delivered on pipeline, so much so their headcount needed to also substantially increase in-line with revenue projection. Unit4 then engaged our Talent Practice to identify high quality new Sales specialists. Using verbal reasoning tools and a series of interviews, Clarify hired and onboarded a set of new recruits using the tried and tested Talent Structure, resulting in further growth and deepening of value.


“You have taken the time to learn our product offering and understand the value proposition. You understand the challenges of introducing our technology to a new market where there is little brand awareness. You have a willingness to roll up your sleeves and do the hard, repetitive work to build pipeline. I’m looking forward to continuing the relationship with the Clarify team.”

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