Interactions case study


Client: Interactions
Services: Sales development

Going the extra mile to reach new territories

What was the situation?

Interactions use a blend of AI and human understanding to enable brands and customers to communicate more effectively. They engaged Clarify to discover and open up new territories across Europe.

Interactions product enables businesses to increase customer satisfaction while cutting costs at the same time. Their USP is the success-based pricing model, as a result they have established a good market presence and reputable footprint in the USA.

What did we do?

Despite the success in the Americas, the new market entry was a challenge having only been in the European market for less than a year. With our uniquely powerful profiling and analysis tools we were able to identify contacts with a far greater likelihood of engaging with Interactions and the problems they solved. We then adapted the core US messaging to make it territory specific based on our broad experience of operating in this market so they had the right people listening to the right things.

With continual test and learning, this made our activities incredibly effective, quickly opening up new European territories as well as embracing and deepening existing contacts.

What was the outcome?

In the first 6 months alone, Clarify significantly overachieved on the initial target set, engaging significant amounts of new logos and driving highly valuable opportunities to close into revenue.


“This is outstanding progress” – after hearing news of Clarify handing over five qualified opportunities within a two week period.



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