DXC Case Study

DXC Technology Case Study – Trailblazer Programme

Going above and beyond to find $1.3m lost revenue

What was the situation?

DXC had created a graduate Trailblazer programme where they needed to accelerate the new business skills of graduates to increase pipeline and create a fast-track career path into the wider sales community. DXC wanted to focus on embedding the learning and putting their skills into practice, creating a highly engaged and performing graduate sales team.  They were looking to implement new processes, increase consistency and value of pipeline and improve close ratios.

What did we do?

Our approach to the programme was two-fold.   We provided DXC with an outsourced BD manager to fully manage the graduate team and created a training programme based on the skills and behaviour change required.  We profiled the graduate team using a set of psychometrics to understand their aptitude, personality and motivations to determine their potential to be successful.  From this we were able to identify who would be more suitable for the different sales roles within the business (pre-sales and Account Manager) and identified individual coaching needs.  We also assessed each graduate against a sales skills framework to identify where each individual needed to focus their development.  We then ran an intensive training programme that included theory, role-plays and side-by-side coaching to implement new methodologies & frameworks to drive better conversations early in the sales cycle.  This focused on adding value to customer calls and driving an increase in opportunities created.

The outcomes we created was not only reflected in the performance uplift of the individuals but in the way we able to transform their behaviours.  We were told that the difference we made to the confident, contribution & careers of the graduates surpassed every expectation and Clarify was the catalyst for that change.


34 Opportunities 

22 Live Leads

$5.2m Pipeline Created

69:1 Pipeline ROI


“Clarify lead a sales training programme for a group of us who worked in junior sales roles. The work the Clarify team did was extremely valuable and completely changed my perspective and approach to selling. From accurate personality assessments which enabled us to quickly identify our strengths and weaknesses and how we balance these to be effective in the role. To putting the customer first and the importance of understanding the industry, the company, the role and the person we’re prospecting, to truly understand what matters to our customers and ultimately enable us to win more business.”


“Accurate profile assessment, tailored training plans by individual and clarity on strengths & weaknesses as a leader are worth their weight in gold. Having outplaced a team of early career sellers to Clarify, I couldn’t have been more delighted by the results.”