DigitalOwl Case Study

DigitalOwl Case Study

Client: Digital Owl
Services: Talent Practice

Going above and beyond to find $1.3m lost revenue

What was the situation?

Digital Owl is an innovative big data analytics company operating in the healthcare sector. It has built a proprietary AI-powered engine to address a pressing need from insurers to better predict risk and claims, replacing a lengthy, manual, and error-prone process with automation and accuracy.

Digital Owl had a lack of infrastructure, time, and capacity to build a highly-performing function in the US. They needed to recruit great sales and marketing candidates to support with their continued growth. Additionally, their marketing was outsourced and they were keen to pull in-house to have more control. Finally, they needed support with induction and onboarding, upskilling, coaching, and management of their new hires.

What did we do?

We successfully placed an initial SDR to be based in the US to support with the large number of existing and ongoing inbound leads.

The Talent Practice supported with 2 further hires, a CSM and marketing manager to be based in the US.

2X A player workshops to be completed with the VP of sales in the US and the Head of Customer Success in Israel who the CSM will report into.

What was the outcome?

We managed to successfully place an SDR within 28 days and onboarded them with our internal Learning and Development team.

We successfully placed a CSM within 23 days.

We successfully placed a Senior Marketing Manager within 29 days.


“You guys are amazing. The profiling and understanding of what is needed from a culture and skillset was amazing. Very strong pool of candidates so no time wasting”

Sean Allen, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, DigitalOwl


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