ACI case study


Client: ACI
Services: Sales development

Opening up a market to drive rapid time to revenue

What was the situation?

ACI specialise in fraud prevention and payments, with over 5000 companies using their services across the globe in every sector. Their product was well established within the market but they didn’t have the resources to further expand their reach and more broadly grow their revenues.

What did we do?

Taking an ABM approach, Clarify focused solely on creating winnable sales opportunities within key accounts, creating an entirely new profile of sales pipeline. Our proprietary methodologies for complex opportunity creation was applied to multi-threaded accounts, creating compelling reasons to either change or augment in support of prospects’ own business agenda.

What was the outcome?

This delivered high value deals with predictability of win rates and shortened time to revenue. Clarify gained strategic access into 10 additional global regions, building $25.5 million in pipeline in the first 11 months.


“Working with Clarify is a strategic part of our business drive to get into the Telco market, quicker and with more depth”

Head of Telco Sales


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