Make a difference this Christmas

As a business we are committed to giving back. If you’d like to donate to the Clarify Foundation this year as an alternative to buying traditional gifts, a small donation makes a big difference. 

Together at Clarify we can make a huge difference.  

How to donate

The amount you’d like to donate is up to you. Take a look at the list below and decide what item(s) you would like your donation to go towards. Please follow the link below to donate via just giving, in the message please leave your name, the gift recipient’s name and the items you would like your donation to go towards. Unlike other gift schemes like this, the trustees of the Foundation commit that the exact gift you’ve specified will be purchased and donated on your behalf.


Just Giving | Clarify Foundation
Health & Hygiene

We want to help when the schools feed their children. So, to enable them to have clean water and a small mug of maize porridge the school needs items that they can store and have ready as well as receptacles for washing hands and drinking water.
Items for donation: 24 porridge mugs (£4), jerry cans for water transport (£1.70), 12 mugs for staff (£14) water fountain (£35), water tank for washing hands £16

School Supplies

Ugandan schools are desperately short of the materials needed to provide effective lessons. Most of the materials are donated and the gaps are often filled by teachers buying supplies out of their own pockets. The following materials would make a huge difference to the children and can have long-lasting impacts on their life chances.
Items for donation: chalk (£7), blackboard paint (£3.50), geometry sets for older children (£2), blackboard rulers, triangles, etc. (£14.50)

School Infrastructure

The classrooms in Uganda are a far cry from what we would expect for children in the Western World. Classrooms are poorly maintained with children having to share resources including desks and chairs.
Items for donation: Preschool Table (£40), preschool benches (£12), classroom desk (£30), teacher’s chair (£17)


These children grow up in a rural community. The skills they learn in the school gardens provide lifelong abilities for them to support their families as well as providing much-needed food for the school.
Items for donation: gardening hoe (£3), gardening slash (£2), goat for the school (£40)

Sport and the Arts

The arts, music and sport are no less necessary for children growing up in poverty in Central Africa but access to the materials needed are all-too-often very limited. These materials and activities can be life changing for the children they reach.
Items for donation: footballs (£20), netballs (£14), volleyball net (£23), volleyball (£12), set of drums (£110), a class’ art supplies for a whole term (£110)

If you would like to send or print a gift voucher for the recipient then click the links below >>

Charity Registration Number: 1137976