Talent Practice

Clarify has a long history of working with organisations globally who are searching for how to create a talent-driven organisation capable of moving them to the next level.

The Clarify Talent Practice delivers precisely this.

We deeply understand what’s needed to create high performing sales professionals that drive sustained revenue growth. Through living in this environment, we have developed sophisticated tools and proven methodologies to identify and maximise the potential of people we know will excel.

Talent Aquisition

We believe that it is about finding the right Talent for your business.

Our talent model assesses 5 core areas; intellect, values, motivations, behaviours and experience. Its creation has been driven by substantial research with the British Psychological Society and data collected by leading psychologists Frank Schmidt and John Hunter who researched a century of data to understand the validity of selection methods. The application of this method has improved success rates by 200%.

We deeply understand the people who are the highest achievers in our client’s business as well as the wider sophisticated sales world, this psychological and intellectual profile is used to find individuals who will have the highest chances of rapid and sustained success. We apply two distinct tests to assess how they measure up, and based on actual subconscious ability whether they would excel.

Talent Development

Whilst attracting the right Talent is a critical factor for growth, maximising the full potential of existing talent is core to delivering commercial ambitions at speed.

Our unparalleled level of sales expertise has been refined over 19 years, we now know better than most what skills, learning and coaching is required to create a sustainable, healthy, high performing culture in an ever-changing world. Clarify’s approach unlocks latent capability, assesses true suitability for the journey the business is on, and helps up-skill both people and process to make it happen.

We offer a range of Talent Development services including; new business induction, enterprise sales skills, new business selling, sales management coaching or we can walk in and take over, supporting your sales team on a personal level with coaching and weekly check-ins.

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